• Any good first time Dad tools?

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  • I will be a first time father in a few days. Anyone want to share any hacks or tools to help a new dad in the cool tool community?

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    Question by wjmcmahon

I'm assuming you're thinking of things related to the baby....Get a hot water boiler/heater. The kind that we have is like this; http://www.amazon.com/Zojirushi-CV-DSC40-Hybrid-Boiler-Stainless/dp/B000MAFJRM/

It's expensive but last much longer than cheaper brands and what this gives you is the ability to get HOT water that you can MIX with regular (or cold) water to get WARM water for baby formula. Believe me, when it's 3AM and your baby is hungry and it's past the breast-feeding stage (or your wife needs a break) this will come in handy.

Also, keep your smartphone charged...it'll come in handy in a number of ways...use it to play soothing music or white noise (like a repeating loop of a vacuum cleaner) to help the baby fall asleep...use it to take pictures (lots of it because they grow up so fast so those memories will be precious)...and of course, to call for backup when help is needed. :)

Good luck on fatherhood! It's really a wonderful, life-changing experience...make the most of it.

Answer by hobbes
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