• Anyone know of a sweat band, not terry cloth, dries quickly?

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  • I'm looking for a sweat band that dries really fast, is relatively thin [when compared to other, regular sweatbands] and absorbs a TON of sweat. I bike and play indoor racquet sports. The first one means I lean forward a lot and there's a lot of sweat involved. The second one means the sweat band needs to keep my hair out of my eyes as well. I'm not looking for a dome hat, and I need something that can easily be air dried if possible. Thickness and not being terry cloth isn't as important as being fast drying and totally functional as a sweatband.

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    Question by aaron lin

Have you considered making your own, with one of those microfiber camp towels (eg: http://cascadedesigns.com/msr/camp-towels/packtowl-original/product) and an elastic band?

Answer by georgikeith

You definitely want to take a look at Halo headbands. They are thin and have a strip on the inside that drives the sweat to the side of your head once it's saturated so sweat doesn't drip in your eyes. I sweat like a pig when I run and I swear by Halo's products.


Answer by jasonlong

I sweat a lot (from my head) when I'm running, and in the summer it is blinding, particularly if there is sunscreen involved. I use a buff. It is simple and versatile.

Answer by kongjie
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