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  • Is Troybuilt still the best garden tiller? Any reputable and cheaper alternatives that you've used?

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    Question by kevin kelly
Answer by greenengineer

I have a Honda Harmony series. It is a small gas powered tiller that had optional attachments. It relies more on higher rpms than raw torque but I use it for all sorts of planting, gardening, and lawn jobs. When I needed to till a few thousand sqft I rented a large walk behind rear time model but the Harmony gets a lot of use year to year, just depends on what types of jobs you plan to do most often.

Answer by dmann

For market gardeners or large holdings: http://www.earthtoolsbcs.com/ or the Eliot Coleman tithing tool using a rechargable drill at johnnysseeds.com

Answer by dave hilton

Ive had a Maxim tiller for years and worked it very, very hard in untilled Ga hard clay and rocky soils. Its about a 5 Horsepower front tine tiller with the adjustable back plow blade. I have used meany different kinds of tillers over the years, including Troybuilt. The Maxim is by far the best. The Troybuilt is a fine machine and does a great job on previously tilled soils and level areas without roots or rocks. But they can be very dangerous if you are not extremely careful. They will catch and leap ahead pulling you along like a rag doll. And in my opinion, they till to good, meaning they turn the soil into the texture of flour. Which can be problematic after a rain, it takes days for the soil to dry enough so you can walk in the garden without getting caught in the Muck. The Maxims are very simple machines with most everything in esay reach for maintanence and repair, for the hundreds of hours of use, Ive never had a repair, just regular oil change, air and gas filter changes and an occasion pro tuneup. Hope this helps

Answer by owlsranch

Oh, by the way. The Maxim is considerably cheaper than the Troybilt. I think they can be had for around $600 these days. And they can last a life time.

Answer by owlsranch

Hey, Owlsranch, that's a big help. Thanks.

Answer by kevin kelly
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