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  • Hello,

    I have been working on sending out my resume to several jobs. I would like to find a tool that allows me to 'tag' certain words in the document so I can customize it.

    For example if the letter says something like this;

    "Dear Mr. Doe,

    I am applying for a position in XYZ Corp....."

    I would like a tool where I can set it up such that it asks me "Name of correspondent?" and I would enter "Mr. Doe."

    And then "Name of Company?" and I would enter "XYZ Corp." and it will automatically fill out these values in the document (especially in recurring values) and I can have a custom letter.

    Also if I were to take this one step further and create a customized email based on some of these values too ie tie this to any email agent or even online email agents like gmail.

    Thanks, Del

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    Question by del am

I know this doesn't answer your question, but just a word of warning - potential employers can spot a form resume from a mile off.

Go for the personal touch!

Answer by togi
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