• Nephew wants to be Batman. Ideas for his utility belt?

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  • All, My 11-year-old nephew has informed me that he's making himself a super hero outfit, and has asked for a few very specific things for Christmas: an adult-sized bullet-proof vest, pepper spray, a pistol, and a grappling hook. His dad is an experienced wood worker/mechanic/tinkerer, so my neph has been around tools and camping gear all his life. But of course I'm not going to get him a pistol or pepper spray. I've looked at various grappling hooks/climbing hooks, but am leery of getting him any of them available in my budget (about $20) because they just look too flimsy. So I'm thinking... multitool utility tool? Cool spy-type gadgets? Any suggestions or ideas? Thanks!

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    Question by itafac

small LED flashlight, pocket microscope (e-bay), coil of paracord and carabiner, leatherman

Answer by fred ellarby
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