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We've got a good HDTV tied to a good stereo. Love the big sound with the big screen. But I also think that sometimes a headset would be a good way to get more intimate or at least limit stray sound in the house when babies are sleeping or someone's sick.

I see there are lots of Bluetooth stereo headsets available. But none of our AV stuff has a BT transmitter.

What's a good way (reasonable cost, high reliability, low complexity) to add at least two wireless headsets to our crash area?

asked Oct 20 '12 at 06:54

Wayne%20R's gravatar image

Wayne R

The absolutely most reliable way to do this is to attach an FM transmitter to your stereo. The best FM transmitter I have found is made by C. Crane.


I use it with assorted table radios to listen to podcasts throughout the house. It is the most powerful allowed by law, and it can broadcast on any frequency, allowing you to choose a clear frequency for your area. Neighbors scanning the dial might come across your broadcast, but who cares?

That's the transmission side. For the listening side, you can use any portable radio with earbuds, like your phone or an ipod. (C. Crane sells tiny portable radios too.) The nice thing about this system is that the two halves are independent. You can use any radio and any headphones or earbuds.

There is also this:


My dad uses it because he is hard of hearing, and he says it works well. The infrared transmitter only works in line of sight, so if you turn your back or leave the room, you lose the signal. But there is never any static or interference. This system comes with both transmitter and headset, and you can use only their headsets.

Lastly, there are headphones that use digital radio transmission, either KLEER or DSSS. These are expensive, but probably sound the best. They come with their own transmitters, and are likely to be static- and interference-free also. Here is one.


(That website offers a few other options with KLEER and DSSS. Click on "wireless".)

There are many other options:


I would recommend one that uses digital transmission.

I don't see the need for Bluetooth in this application. You don't need two-way communication, you just need sound piped to your ears. Note that with all of these, you will lose some or all of the surround effect in movies.


answered Nov 16 '12 at 22:37

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