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I am a junior in high school and am going to this career course for it. We pretty much do in-class work and do some training. Thing is, I have no experience and no idea what i am doing. Will it be hard to do training and become a firefighter?? But the good thing is, I live in a town where its a volunteer dept. so should I join that for extra experience and training?

asked Jun 28 '13 at 02:35

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My nephew was in your exact situation 3 years ago. He joined the local volunteer department as soon as he could (i think @ 16), took all of the jobs no one else wanted (literally ... I've never seen anyone so excited about washing dishes and scrubbing toliets at midnight), showed up for every call, and took every training class he could find. Now, even though he still does the grunt jobs, he's earned his CDL, EMT cert, tons of respect from other firefights, and is working on completing the NFPA training while he attends college. He's even gotten a part-time job filling in for other fire-fighters (vacation, sick, etc...) while he's in school.

I don't know what the situation is like in your area but, in the major Texas cities, competition for these jobs is VERY VERY VERY intense. Every thing you can do to differentiate yourself (including getting a college degree) is not only helpful, but almost essential.


answered Jun 29 '13 at 08:28

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