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"Washi" is the Japanese name for "rice paper" (so called in the West, but not made of rice, actually), used in lots of traditional arts and crafts (ShoDo, Sumi-E, Origami).

I practice ShoDo so I often look online for places to get different kinds of papers. Recently I have seen products named "Washi Paper masking tape" and I wonder what exactly it is, and what it can be used for.

Anyone has tried it and can tell me more about characteristics and intended usage?


asked Jun 05 '11 at 02:47

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It looks like it is used to decorate existing paper products. I have a friend in Japan who when I asked said he thought people used it to wrap presents. It's function appears to be primarily aesthetic.


answered Jun 06 '11 at 10:29

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Thanks. Can you ask him/her if these are made of actual washi? Or they are just normal plastic tape with traditional patterns?

3 years, 7 months ago
Pamar's gravatar image Pamar

Ok, I have checked out a bit more and found a nice site for washi tape. I am posting the Url here so that anyone interested can find it, too.

Zakka Life


answered Jun 09 '11 at 01:47

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