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I find that shower curtains pretty problematic. They aren't recyclable, I haven't found any that are made of recycled materials, and they are hard to wash once they get mildewy (putting them in the laundry machine tends to destroy them, I've found). Does anyone have either an environmentally-friendly or a washable shower curtain solution?

asked Jul 11 '11 at 05:23

GeoffG's gravatar image


I have not experienced destroyed shower curtains but would admit it may be a concern; I have a front-loading washer so perhaps I am immune to that concern? Plastic seems to be the best solution, but I'd go washable fabric even over a silver-impregnated ultra-curtain.

Of course, you could also consider adding a glass door instead of a curtain.

3 years, 6 months ago
Christopher's gravatar image Christopher

I have had good results with this one:

link:Hotel Fabric Shower Liner

Washable, and when it gets a bit mildewed, I add some bleach to the wash. I agree with the three reviewers on the site.


answered Jul 17 '11 at 06:56

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Instead of dumping a vinyl shower curtain into the wash, try this method. It only takes a few minutes.

Locate or purchase an expandable curtain rod. Install the rod 3" or 4" from the wall of the shower area. Remove the curtain including the clips so that the left inside part will be on the right side facing you. Spray a product such as Clorox Cleaner with Bleach onto the dry interior surface. Start at the top and evenly coat the vinyl until it runs. Let stand for a few minutes. The mildew and soap residue should wash off in the first hot water rinse (use your handheld shower head). Apply a second coat on the now wet surface and allow to stand for several minutes. Rinse off with another hot water rinse. Allow to dry. Rehang the shower curtain back on the original rod in the reverse method so the interior portion faces inside of the tub. Takes a lot less water and time than a machine wash.


answered Jul 18 '11 at 22:16

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? Put six inches of water in the tub and wash it there with the ingredients described above, plus a brush. ?


answered Apr 13 '14 at 02:41

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Roger Knights

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