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  • I'm looking for the right combination of tablet computer, stylus and software that will allow me to keep an electronic journal. The catch is, I don't want to type my entries, I want to hand-write them. Every system I've seen so far either makes me type with the keyboard or, if it allows me to hand-write my entry, requires me to use something other than my normal handwriting (for example, it might require me to write in very big letters).

    Anyone have a solution?

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    Question by keats

If you have any Photoshop or Gimp or Mypaint, or probably also many others, you can write with a tablet and stylus fairly easily. It takes some getting used to, but the result is fairly consistent with your everyday handwriting.

Answer by tryxchange

Wacom tablets are going to be the best quality tablet-wise for your money- I've had mine for three years now and it is holding up like a champ, and I got it for under 100 bucks (their Bamboo line is more for the non-industrial user, and that's what I've been using). Wacom also has software such that, whenever there is an entry in a web or OS interface, you can write it in (and it translates to text for you) rather than type it. I would imagine that could translate to a word processing program too, I just haven't used it in that capacity. It is ace with any graphics program you throw at it as well. You can use them with any computer setup you've already got too=)

Hope that helps!

Answer by emc

Have you checked out LiveScribe? Instead of a tablet, the smarts are in the pen - it records your handwriting with special paper (not such a big deal; Best Buy sells it) and can record audio with a built-in microphone. It syncs with your computer, which does basic handwriting recognition so you can search your notes and play back. Good luck, be sure to post whatever you decide!

Answer by josh cothran

Thank you all. Though it still surprises me that no company has put everything together in one package. I can probably get by with the LiveScribe for now, but what would be ideal--and seemingly not that difficult for a company to create--is a tablet pc with a touchscreen and stylus capable of capturing handwriting as it really looks. Maybe there is a technological limitation to the current crop of touch screens that prevents that level of handwriting detail?

Answer by keats

windows has two programs journal and one note that allow you to write freehand on tablets. Windows xp has a specific tablet version, but vista and 7 have it included. I have an hp tc1100 and use one note, what is great about one note is it's search/find feature.

Answer by cinciatty

I own a Tablet PC (HP TZ2500) and OneNote is perfect for capturing my handwriting. I prefer to have my input digitized for OCR and subsequent typing, but if I could live with just handwritten notes I would merely stop right there. The digitizer on this is a Wacom-type and I love it, vastly preferred to capacitive tablets.


Answer by christopher

You might want to look into the HTC flyer. this is a 7-inch Android tablet that has an optional capacitive stylus more designed for sketching and note taking. That might work for you, and the size is more notepad-like than a 10-inch tablet.

Answer by richard baguley

Even Windows 7 on a tablet computer comes with Windows Journal and does exactly as you described without addition purchase. It's easy to write with a stylus and have your notes stored away. As others have mentioned, OneNote and LiveScribe will make this even more robust if you want to that route.

Answer by hobbes

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