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  • I am wondering if the book Cool Tools would be useful to someone living in France. Are most of the products only found in the USA?

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    Question by merle

Half of the beauty of the Cool Tools book is that it opens up the world of possibilities to the reader. I imagine that most of the items actually are available in France, but more importantly, you will discover what tools are around to solve problems you didn't even know you had.

Look around the Cool Tool archives for an idea of what is available. If you like what you find, rest assured that the experience of having it in book form is quite wonderful.

Answer by aaaaa thatsfiveas

These days I imagine that almost everything in the book can be found online and shipped anywhere in the world. It's simply a matter of what you are willing to pay.

Even if you can't source the exact tool, a bit of research should find you something similar that is available locally.

Answer by mick
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