• What web resources do you use to research investments?

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  • It's been a while that I've gone it alone in researching investment options, but I'm ready to start driving on my own rather than pay hefty fees to an advisor. I'd love to hear from folks where they go to be informed and research investment options on the web. I'm thinking forums, tools (asset allocation in particular), and research services such as Morningstar. Particularly interested in funds.

    I used to read Barrons, Worth, and even Money and Kiplingers of the world quite a bit but they may not fit me anymore. Worth are geared now to very high net worth folks, Money/Kiplingers of the world are almost past-quarter performance chasers. Only Barrons seem worthwhile to me these days.

    BTW, I am old school and believe mostly in value investing, Graham and Dodd style.

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    Question by wlai

As a former high paid advisor (average acct: >$1 million) I think two worthy resources are the Value Line Investment Survey http://www.valueline.com/ for stocks but they're $550 per year (1800 stocks). Their mutual fund reports are $116 per year online (12,000 mutual funds). Your local library may have a subscription to either of those and if there's a university nearby with a business school they probably have one as well. If that's too much to spend you can read the SEC filings for funds and companies online at http://www.sec.gov/edgar.shtml

Also its helpful to realize that CNBC is more like SportsCenter than anything that might convey actionable or useful information and doesn't really help you at all for anything except practicing blocking out distractions and focusing.

Answer by pdebruic
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