• What's the best method for cleaning a matte + glossy LCD screen?

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  • My laptop screen gets dirty quickly. Whether from talking to close, drinking a carbonated beverage, or just random little stubborn dots that magically appear and mar my photo-editing abilities.

    Are there better products for cleaning a screen besides a damp cloth? Does one work better on a matte screen?

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    Question by Oliver Hulland

I asked a similar question here, and got a variety of helpful answers.

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I have found that baby wipes are fine, but your mileage may vary. The microfiber cloth + distilled water sounds like the safest thing to me.

Answer by AJ Finch

I have tried a few, and the iKlear product is my favorite. The Monster Cable brand iClean is absolutely awful.



Answer by xjoex

Eyeglass cleaner! Where I work as an optician , it's sold in bottles for $5 which comes with a microfiber cloth. Different versions can be found at any retail glasses shop and lots of drug stores. We also have pre-moistened disposable lens cleaner towelettes, which you tear open like wet naps and use once then throw away. Not environmentally friendly, but much better to keep in a laptop case, etc, or for travel. They are advertised as working on eyeglasses, but also camera lenses, laptop screens, cellphones, etc. As far as I know theres a VERY little bit of soapy something in them, and a little bit of alcohol.

Answer by superhitops

The best cleaner I have found is Brillianize plastic cleaner ( http://www.brillianize.com/ ) & a microfiber cloth. I have an 8 oz bottle which has lasted me a long time. I also use this, with great results for cleaning & polishing CD's & DVD's. Highly recommended.

Answer by vanman
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