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  • I am new to wine making and know nothing about it. However I am trying to make dandelion wine and was wondering if I should wait until it stops fizzing before I rack it to the glass carboy? I don't have a hydrometer so don't know all of that info. The recipes said to wait 1-2 weeks when stops fizzing rack. It has been a little longer than 2 weeks and it is still fizzing. What should I do?

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    Question by silent

I am no expert by any stretch, but when I rack regular grape wine, I always try to get it into the carboys as soon as the fizzing starts to slow down, but before it stops fizzing. The main reason I do it this way is because I count on the fizzing, which is out gassing of CO2 to drive the O2 out of the airspace in the carboys. I have an air-lock on the carboys so the empty space in the carboy is probably near 100% CO2 by the time the fizzing stops.

Answer by tacochuck
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