Highly specified cleaning brush source

I have a couple of Luminarc pitchers, and my big hands couldn’t get inside of them to clean out both the bottom and the top corners. I’m an iced tea drinker, and the little tea particles would take up permanent residence in the corners, making the thing look pretty nasty. I figured I could just hit up a local hardware store and buy a long brush, but absolutely no one has one long enough to hit the bottom and still give me a handle up top to control it and put some serious pressure on it. I ended up not using these great pitchers because they were such a pain to clean.

I came across the Brushtech site and ordered their Air Pot and Vacum Bottle Cleaning Brush and an End Brush For Cleaning Vases, Coffee Decanters and Jugs. The Air Pot brush is perfect for the top corners while the End Brush makes quick work of the bottom.

The array of brush types for niche cleaning scenarios Brustech offers up is pretty unbelievable. The two I purchased have been really hearty so far and feel as though they’re built to last. The bristles come out in pretty much the same condition at the end of the work.

-- Christian Gloddy 03/24/10

(If you've tried Brushtech's drill-operated brushes, let us know in the comments.--es — editors)