Call for Submissions

So many useful things around my house arrived via the personal recommendations posted by Cool Tools. But the “staff” of Cool Tools is not limited to the staff listed on the About page. That’s where you come in. We’d like your recommendations.

Here are a few things we are currently looking for:

The ultimate walker for an elderly person?
A decent vacuum-cooking cookbook for amateurs?
The best digital wildlife trail monitor camera?
Is there a product available that uses WI-FI to connect a desktop hard drive to a stereo? The previously reviewed Roku Soundbridge did, but is no longer available.

Best inflatable kayak?
Cheap hair analysis for heavy metals?
Affordable, high-functioning walkie talkies?
Racquet stringing machine?
Best time accounting software/website?
Best (cheapest/most efficient) dimmable CFL replacement for a 60-watt tungsten bulb
What’s the best guide to internet radio? A site, blog or forum where various internet radio stations are reviewed, compared, and recommended. Not just listings of links.
Best intro to beekeeping book?
Best fiction podcast?

Have you used/read and can you recommend the following, or something comparable that’s superior?

Drill Doctor
Cobrahead gardening tool
Backyard Ballistics by William Gurstelle
Seed to Seed by Suzanne Ashworth?

Or anything else you can heartily recommend from your own personal experience. If you love something you’d love others to know about as well, write me. (If you are feeling extremely helpful you might want to check the Cool Tools archive to make sure we haven’t already featured it.)

If you’re not already a subscriber receiving our weekly e-mail with five new tool recommendations every week, sign up and submit your recommendation. For a broader perspective of this site’s tool philosophy, I recommend this essay. Tell us what you use to open up possibilities, save money, make stuff, live better.

— es (elon {at} schoenholz dot com)