Tool Chest

img 04/7/18

Mr. Grip

Fix worn and stripped screw holes

img 03/9/18

Picquic Sixpac

Best multiple-bit screwdriver

img 03/1/18

9 Useful Electronics Tools Under $13

Inexpensive electronics workshop

img 03/1/18

LockJaw Self-Adjusting Pliers

Self-adjusting Vise Grips

img 02/24/18

Pocket Caliper

Accurate measurements up to 1/32″

img 02/23/18

Magnetic Drive Guide

Eliminates wobbling and slipping while driving screws

img 02/17/18

Three Jaw Brace

Human-powered driver

img 02/7/18

$8 Portable Steel Tool Box

Inexpensive steel toolbox

img 01/24/18

Spring-Loaded Self-Striking Center Punch

This week for my Cool Tools video review I’m going to show you a fancy automatic center hole punch, great …

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