Tool Chest

img 04/13/17

Canvas Military Tool Bag

Gear bag for tools and more

img 01/25/17

Quick Slide Drill Press Vise

Vise slides to fit part with no cranking

img 12/8/16

Magnetic tool holder

Keeps tools within easy reach

img 07/12/16

Low Profile Washer Head Cabinet Screw

No pre-drilling is necessary with these cabinet screws

img 06/29/16

Nail Punch for Trim

Long nose allows easy access to 1/2″ J channel

img 06/23/16

Roper Whitney Jr. No. 5 Punch Kit

Hand punch will make holes in sheet steel, aluminum, and brass.

img 04/4/16

Mini Kreg Jig

Small jig for wood joinery

img 12/2/15

Vaughan Pull Stroke Handsaw

Made to cut on the pull stroke rather than on the push stroke

img 06/22/15

8 oz. Stubby Claw Hammer

Compact hammer for smaller woodworking projects

img 01/22/15

Wide Mouth Adjustable Wrench

I have used this tool for well over 20 years. I use it several times per year, whenever I need …

img 01/12/15

Vintage Clauss Scissors

Old school scissors on eBay

img 12/16/14

Hole Template

Mark the location for knobs or handles

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