img 05/13/16

Non-Slip Silicone Grid Pot Holder

Great for soldering projects

img 05/11/16

Cycling arm warmers

Keep your arms warm with thermal fleece fabric sleeves

img 01/27/16

3-Outlet Swivel Adapter

Swivel allows for flexibility of placement and makes hard to reach connections easier to plug in

img 01/25/16

Uberlight Drysack

Allows air to escape in one direction while preventing liquid water from entering in the opposite direction

img 11/6/15

Tools and How to Use Them

An illustrated encyclopedia of useful tools


New in Ask Cool Tools

Soundproofing for Rental Apartment

img 03/5/15

Blair Antenna and Access Holcutter

Make clean holes in sheet metal


What’s in My Bag? – Heron

I work in the subalpine regions of Washington state studying high elevation amphibians.  My work schedule is usually 5 days …

img 03/3/15

Humistat #3 Musical Instrument Case Humidfier

Keeps wood instruments from drying out

img 03/2/15

Bombas Socks

Comfortable, supportive socks

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