Chilewich Woven Vinyl Rugs


Low-maintenance, liquid-resistant floor covering

These woven vinyl floor coverings are synonymous with high-priced “design” boutiques and museum gift shops. Translation: $$$$. But boy are they resilient. After three years of countless beverage spills, dirt, dust, mud, food, foot traffic, and housebreaking a dog, the 5’10” x 9′ rug we keep in our living room looks as pristine as the day we first laid it out. I thought a rubbery rug might feel a bit too industrial. It’s functionality won me over. The entire backing is vinyl so it never slides around on our hardwood floors. Best of all, in the event of a spill or restless canine bladder, you wipe it down with a damp cloth. No trips to the cleaners, and less likelihood of stains, depending on the color (our tan/dark brown one has yet to harbor a permanent spot *knock wood*). You vacuum it as you would carpet or a hardwood floor. The only other maintenance is to scissor the edges if part of the weave frays (we’ve done that maybe three times in three years). Though we scored a substantial discount, I’d pay full price if another room in our home ever calls out for a rug. Chilewich also makes a variety of indoor/outdoor mats, coasters and place settings. The small kitchen mat we’ve had for two years has been sprayed with dishwater, food droppings, you name it, and it still looks great. It’s also much kinder to bare feet than our home’s frigid, wintertime tiles.

-- Steven Leckart 12/11/07