ColdHeat Glue Gun

This tool has changed how I think about glue guns. My old glue gun got used about once every two years; this one gets used almost every day. I use it so much because it warms up quickly (you can start using it in less than a minute) and is very precise. In addition, it lives in my house rather than in the garage because it is so clean. No more drips! I haven’t used it for design or shop projects yet, but it’s earning its keep on incidental things–like gluing up a loose part on my running shoes, gluing the end caps on stool legs, plugging a leak in my snorkel, attaching a candle to a base, etc. It’s nice to just turn it on and use it without having to plug it in and wait.

-- Kevin Fine  

ColdHeat Glue Gun
Manufactured by ColdHeat

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