Pet air purifier

As all cat owners know, dealing with litter box odor is a never ending battle. I’ve tried lots of air purifying products that have promised to keep down odor, and have always been disappointed, until now. The Critter Zone is a small, affordable, and effective air purifier that has really worked to keep down the odor in the room where I keep my cat’s litter boxes.

You just plug it in and let it go to work. The instructions do suggest a fan in the room to circulate the air, but I haven’t found that to be necessary. They have a version you plug into the outlet and a corded one so you can reach areas further from an outlet.

It works so well that my “super-sniffer” mother who is usually bothered by my well-maintained litter boxes didn’t even realize they were in the laundry room. I’ve also used it for managing other odors. I burned a bag of popcorn one night and by the morning all trace of the smell was gone. It also worked fabulously to get rid of the sweaty smell in my bedroom when I was sick with a fever.

There’s no filters to replace, nothing to clean, and no loud noises to get used to. I just plugged it in, switched it on, and forgot about it, until I realized how much less I was avoiding going into my laundry room! I’ve been so happy with it in the three months that I’ve had it that I’ve just purchased a second CritterZone to go in my second litter box area. Even my skittish cat has no hesitation about going near it so I’m able to put it around all the litter boxes. I’ve got nothing but great things to say about this tiny box that makes the stinky side of having fur babies far less painful.

-- Allison Gilson 10/8/13

(This video explains that the CritterZone uses "continuous charged flow" to break down bad-smelling chemicals. — editors)