Marvy Rubber Shaving Mug and Horsehair Brush


Unbreakable shaving mug and perfect lather brush

The Marvy Rubber Shaving Mug is large and deep, ideal for the sort of vigorous brushwork required to create a creamy lather from shaving soap with a shaving brush. In my search for the perfect lather I have also found that the Vie-Long Gonzalo 04102 shaving brush, a combination of white horsehair and boar bristle, is an ideal brush for creating a good lather from shaving soap. The Gonzalo has a resilient knot with a good loft and excellent capacity, and it also has a brass ring around the handle just under the knot.

However, when you are brushing vigorously, it’s easy to strike the side of your shaving mug with the ring, and the sound when using a porcelain mug is unsettling. With the Marvy hard rubber mug, unbreakable and a good idea in the bathroom where hard surfaces abound, the sound is muted and the worry is absent.

The Marvy mug is designed for the specific purpose as a shaving tool, and the bottom is ridged to hold the soap puck securely. The steep sides make it easy to work the developing lather back into the brush. The Marvy is a truly skookum tool for a specific purpose, as is the Vie-Long Gonzalo, which sells at an extremely reasonable price: $18 in the US, €8.55 in the EU.

-- Michael Ham 06/27/11