Outdoor Cooking Call for Submissions

With summer heating up it’s about time we held a call for submissions. This time help us find the best tools for outdoor cooking and eating. Do you have a grill you fire up every fourth of July? What about camping cookware? We’re interested in hearing about tools that have seen you through thick and thin and have come out on top when eating or cooking outside the kitchen. Here are a few ideas of things to get you going, but any and all reviews will be considered.

What’s the best tool for grill cleaning and maintenance? Do you know of an affordable quality smoker? What about the best charcoal or gas grill for a first time owner? Tongs? Barbeque supply catalog? Mailorder meat?

What do you rely on to start fires? What do you use to cook with while backpacking?

What’s the most effective method for keeping the bugs at bay when outside? Best bug spray?

Do you have a favorite barbeque cook book? Essential spices and rubs?

What patio furniture lasts longest? How do you maintain it?

What are the best lawn games? Frisbees? Pool toys?

As always, think out of the box and look to our archive to see if a tool has been reviewed before. Finally, the most successful reviews are ones that do more than talk about how a tool works. Instead, explain what problem the tool solved, and how the tool you’re reviewing is better than others like it. Often times the best reviews are story-like in structure, so feel free to write a bit more.

-- Oliver Hulland