Tech support details all in one place is a simple site with an easy-to-remember URL and a singular purpose: it allows you to see all of the tech support information you might need to pass along to a customer service technician or impatient family whiz kid.

It’s great because it works equally well for helping customers as it does for troubleshooting the remote machines of those who don’t have the tech experience to understand where to start. It’s only “feature” is that it allows the visitor to send these details along to you via email.

It’s got one ad and costs nothing to use. There’s nothing to log in to, and the results aren’t impacted by security settings in most typical scenarios. I also think that unlike a lot of sites that will tell you your IP address, the designer of clearly wanted to help people that aren’t tech savvy (and not make your eyes bleed out at the same time).

-- Pete Forde 02/22/12


support details snapshot.jpg
Support Details provides all the technical support information about the computer you are using in a single easy to read format.