Tips 3

I saw your recommendation for engineer’s scales, and thought I’d pass along a little Adobe Illustrator tip. Whenever I move into a new apartment, I measure each room, door and window so I can lay out the furniture without straining my back. I draw the rooms in Illustrator, using the graphic design standard (my field) pica scale, which works like this: 12 picas to an inch, 12 points to a pica. In this way, I’m able to type in 12p4.125 (shorthand for “12 picas, 4.125 points”) for 12′ 4-1/8″. If I need to scale it up, I type 150% or 200% in the Page Setup dialog to increase the drawing size/decrease the page size, which makes it easier to jump to a fullscreen view of my drawing by pressing Cmd-zero. Hope that’s helpful to you in your endeavors.

— Todd Patrick


With a pair of scissors, a small slit can be cut to make the velcro strip stay on one end of the cable. See the third picture on this

— Adam Beson


St. Claire Inc., a technical communications company, has a FANTASTIC web page where you can register for free, and by clicking away (picking a heading, symbol and typing in text) you can generate .pdf files of safety signs of all kinds. You can certainly customize safety signs VERY specifically for any kind of local condition or situation.

— Tony Prudori

St. Claire Inc.