Unger Trim Scraper


Folding safety blade for cleaning glass

I work in the beverage industry and use this scraper for removing stickers from cooler doors that other guys with pocket knives, razors, car keys, etc. couldn’t budge. The Trim 10 has wide, super thin, very flexible blades about 4 inches long that really conform to the surface of the work. I find it picks up more material per stroke and gets down to the bottom of things better than a single-edge razor blade. The holder has a very elegant folding design that allows for safe, touchless blade changes and compact, safe transport — a much smaller, flatter package than a lot of utility knives. The scraper comes in a nifty case that holds a few extra blades, which can be purchased separately. A modular handle is also available for heavier work, but I never need it. I get mine from a janitorial supply company in Austin. I believe the scrapers are popular with window tint installers, too.

-- Christian Taylor 05/6/08