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UPS Express Envelope


Perfect travel document holder

These sturdy envelopes are perfect for organizing and carrying travel documents (boarding passes, maps, hotel confirmation printouts, passport photocopies, etc.).The smooth finish on the envelopes allows them to easily slide in and out of your carry-on luggage, messenger bag, or airline seat pocket. They take up almost no additional space and organize and protect your paper documents in a single location. Instead of rummaging around through my bags for individual documents, I can keep everything together in a tidy package for quick access throughout my trip. I’ve also started carrying a second envelope to hold receipts for reimbursements. When the trip is finished I use the self-sealing flap to make sure nothing falls out until I’m ready to fill out my post-travel reimbursement forms. I’ve been using them for nearly 10 years while traveling through over 20 different countries on planes, trains, buses, taxis, tuk tuks, and all other means of transportation. They have yet to let me down.

Best of all they’re free and recyclable. After the primary use of the envelope is complete (i.e. using UPS to send a letter), don’t recycle them quite yet. Hold onto them until you need them for travel. Each envelope is quite durable and should last several trips. USPS, FedEx, and DHL offer similar envelopes, and separating your documents by category into one envelope from each brand can allow one to further organize your travel documents. Even in an age where travel documents are becoming increasingly digitized, I never have to worry about my paper map or boarding pass running out of batteries, and these mailing envelopes keep all my essential documents at my fingertips.

-- C Brodersen 07/16/13