Utrition Liquid Vitamins


I had a problem taking glucosamine in tablet form. I was gagging on the horse-sized pills and this seemed to cause an automatic antipathy to swallowing pills of any nature. After some research I discovered Utrition liquid vitamins. Their Liquid Vitamin Plus has an excellent lineup of vitamins A, B, C, D, and E + other ingredients and tastes like frozen orange juice (ed. note: it’s “pineapple orange juice” according to Utrition). Their Liquid Joint Repair has 2000 mg glucosamine, 1200 mg chondroitin and is good-tasting as well. I keep these in the fridge and take a swig each day. Simple.

I also discovered a very sharp website (Bodybuilding.com) that is totally on the ball, has quick service, and offers thousands of nutritional products.

Utrition Liquid Vitamin Plus
$27 (32 fl. oz.)
Available from Amazon

Liquid Joint Repair
$20 (16 fl. oz.)
Also from Amazon

Manufactured by Utrition