X-Mini Capsule Speaker


Wearable but powerful iPhone speaker

I wasn’t a big fan of Boom Boxes in their era. Unfortunately, the iPod kept the listener tethered with wires to uncomfortable ‘earbuds’ (as did the Walkman in its day). Apple has since upgraded its painful in-ear headphones, but then the Capsule Speaker came along.

I have re-configured my iPhone to play my music (albeit with monophonic sound) through the very nice X-Mini Capsule Speaker (which looks like a golf ball with a tether). The X-Mini, engineered in Singapore, can be dangled from a lanyard like a piece of Asian jewelry. This little wonder is remarkable in its size, sound quality and versatility. I have more than one.

-- Kevin Manson 05/12/09

(This unusual Singaporean speaker twists open to form a booming little portable megaphone. -- Bruce Sterling — editors)