• Washi Paper masking tape - what is it good for?

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  • "Washi" is the Japanese name for "rice paper" (so called in the West, but not made of rice, actually), used in lots of traditional arts and crafts (ShoDo, Sumi-E, Origami).

    I practice ShoDo so I often look online for places to get different kinds of papers. Recently I have seen products named "Washi Paper masking tape" and I wonder what exactly it is, and what it can be used for.

    Anyone has tried it and can tell me more about characteristics and intended usage?


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    Question by pamar

It looks like it is used to decorate existing paper products. I have a friend in Japan who when I asked said he thought people used it to wrap presents. It's function appears to be primarily aesthetic.

Answer by Oliver Hulland

Ok, I have checked out a bit more and found a nice site for washi tape. I am posting the Url here so that anyone interested can find it, too.

Zakka Life

Answer by pamar
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