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The world's best how-to?

I consume vast quantities of how-to material. My kids joke that I always prefer to learn things from books rather than from a person, and it is true. A great how-to book can be much better than on okay teacher. There's mountains of very good material to choose from today in almost any subject you can think of. What I am looking for right now are examples of legendary, extraordinary, amazingly great cases of how-to guidance. What are the best how-to books, videos, software, websites that you've ever seen? I don't care what the topic is, I am primarily interested in the execution. What's a book or program that teaches its skills and information better than anything/anyone else? Again, the subject can be anything -- rock climbing, rock gardening, rock music, rock polishing, whatever.

Another way to say is, who's a teacher you never met that taught you some skills in a way you never forgot?

What the best non-teacher/non-classroom how-to you've encountered? And where can I get hold of it?

Posted on June 8, 2004 at 9:20 PM