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Out of Control

Hardly an idea in this volume is mine alone. In addition to the books and papers annotated in my bibliography, the concepts I present here have largely been condensed, paraphrased, or quoted from conversations, correspondence and lengthy interviews with the following people. Each, without exception, was extremely generous with his time and patient with my endless questions. They are, of course, not responsible for my idiosyncratic interpretation of their ideas. Some of the interviewees offered valuable corrections and comments to the work in progress. In addition, those indicated by asterisk were kind enough to review portions of the final manuscript. Thank you.

Ralph Abraham
David Ackley
Ormond Aebi
John Allen
Noberto Alvarez
Robert Axelrod
Howard Baetjer
Will Baker
John Perry Barlow
Joseph Bates
Mark Bedau
Russell Brand
Stewart Brand*
Jim Brooks
Rod Brooks
Amy Bruckman
Tony Burgess*
Arthur Burks
L.G. Callahan
William Calvin
David Campbell
Peter Cariani
Mike Cass
David Chaum
Steve Cisler
Michael Cohen
Robert Collins
Michael Conrad
Neale Cosby
George Cowan
Brad Cox
Jim Crutchfield
Paul Davies
Richard Dawkins
Bill Dempster
Brad de Graf
Daniel Dennett*
Jamie Dinkelacker
Jim Drake

Lloyd Gomez
Steven Jay Gould
Ralph Guggenheim
Jeff Haas
Stuart Hameroff
Dan Harmony
Phil Hawes
Neal Hicks
Danny Hillis*
Carl Hodges
Malone Hodges
Douglas Hofstadter
John Holland*
John Hopfield
Eric Hughes
David Jefferson
Bill Jordan
Gerald Joyce
Ted Kaehler
James Kalin
Mitch Kapor
Ken Karakotsio
Stuart Kauffman*
Alan Kaufman
Ed Knapp
Barry Kort
John Koza
Bob Lambert
David Lane
Chris Langton*
Jaron Lanier
William Latham
Don Lavoie
Mike Leibhold
Linda Leigh
Steven Levy
Kristian Lindgren
Seth Lloyd
James Lovelock

Ted Nelson
Tim Oren
Norm Packard
Steve Packard
John Patton
Mark Pauline
Jim Pelkey
Stuart Pimm*
Charlie Plott
Przemyslaw Prusinkiewcz
Steen Rasmussen
Tom Ray
Mitchel Resnick
Craig Reynolds
Howard Rheingold*
David Rogers
Rudy Rucker
Jonathan Schull
Ted Schultz
Barry Silverman
Herbert Simon
Karl Sims*
Peter Sprague
Bruce Sterling*
Steve Strassman
Chuck Taylor
Mark Thompson
Hardin Tibbs
Mark Tilden
Ralph Toms
Joe Traub
Micheal Travers
Dean Tribble
Roy Valdes
Francisco Varela
Michael Wahrman
Roy Walford
Gary Ware
Peter Warshall