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New Rules for the New Economy

This book benefited greatly from the work of researcher Jan Tudor, of JT Research in Portland, Oregon. Many people, including a number of qualified economists, supplied me with very helpful comments after reading the article upon which this book is based. These readers included Paul Romer, Paul Krugman, and George Gilder. Romer, Krugman, John Hagel, Paul Saffo, and Michael Kremer also provided interviews to me as well. A few other people took valuable time to read and comment on the manuscript version: John Heilemann of The New Yorker, Russ Mitchell of U.S. News & World Report, Peter Schwartz of Global Business Network, and Hal Varian of the University of California, Berkeley. The fact-checking crew at Wired magazine made significant contributions, and as usual, saved me from embarrassment. At Viking, editor David Stanford turned my rough draft into a smooth piece of English while copy editor Danny Marcus further polished it to its present form. Many of the concepts expanded here originated in long conversations with John Perry Barlow, who was often the first to appreciate their power. John Brockman, my literary agent, saw a book in my ideas. My wife, Gia-Miin Fuh, sacrificed her weekends so I could write it; without that gift, this book wouldn’t have happened. Thank you, all.