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Why You Should Embrace Surveillance, Not Fight It
Wired, March 10, 2014

Wired, vol. 21, no. 5, May 2013

Better Than Human
Wired, vol. 21, no.1, December 24, 2012

We Are Stardust
Response to the 2012 Edge Question: What is Your Favorite Deep, Elegant, or Beautiful Explanation?
Edge, January 2012

The Virtues of Negative Results
Response to the 2011 Edge Question: What Scientific Concept Would Improve Everybody’s Cognitive Toolkit?
Edge, January 2011

Evolving the Scientific Method
The Scientist, vol. 24, no. 12, December 2010

How Money Follows Attention–Eventually
Technology Review, October 28, 2010

Achieving Techno-Literacy
New York Times Magazine, September 16, 2010

Reading in a Whole New Way
Smithsonian, August 2010

Window on the World
Wired, vol. 18, no. 4, March 22, 2010

An Intermedia With 2 Billion Screens Peering Into It
Response to the 2010 Edge Question: How Has The Internet Changed The Way You Think?
Edge, January 2010
In German at Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

The New Socialism: Global Collectivist Society Is Coming Online
Wired, vol. 17, no. 6, May 22, 2009

A New Kind of Mind
Response to the 2009 Edge Question: What Will Change Everything?
Edge, January 2009

Becoming Screen Literate
New York Times Magazine, November 21, 2008

Infoporn: Tap Into the 12-Million-Teraflop Handheld Megacomputer
Wired, vol. 16, no. 7, June 23, 2008

What I Changed My Mind About
Response to the 2008 Edge Question: What Have You Changed Your Mind About? Why?
Edge, 232, January 4, 2008

The Technium and the 7th Kingdom of Life
Edge, 217, July 19, 2007

Why Do We Still Have Big Questions
In “What We Don’t Know”
Wired, vol. 15, no. 2, February 2007

That We Will Embrace the Reality of Progress
Response to the 2007 Edge Question: What Are You Optimistic About?
Edge, 200, January 8, 2007

More Anonymity Is [Not] Good
From The 2006 Edge Question: What Is Your Dangerous Idea?
Edge, 196, November 10, 2006

Scan This Book!
(What will happen to books? Reader, take heart! Publisher, be very, very afraid. Internet search engines will set them free. A manifesto.)
New York Times Magazine, May 14, 2006

What Technology Wants
Appeared in the 75 Anniversary Issue of The Hollywood Reporter on “The Future of Entertainment.” Fall 2005.

Unto us the Machine is born
Partial excerpt of “We Are the Web”, (pertaining to a global brain) in the Sydney Morning Herald, November 15, 2005

We Are the Web
Wired, vol. 13, no. 8, August 2005
Audio file – low res (mp3, 20.5mb)
Audio file – high res (mp3, 41.1mb)

Artifact Networks

Appeared in Cool Tools, 2003, by Kevin Kelly

God Is the Machine
Wired, vol. 10, no. 12, December 2002
And for a translation in Japanese

Making My Own Music
(An op-ed piece on the copyright extension law)
Appeared in The New York Times, Saturday, October 12, 2002, Op-Ed

A Brief History of Betting on the Future
Wired, vol. 10, no. 5, May 2002

Where Music Will Be Coming From
Appeared in New York Times Magazine, March 17, 2002

The Web Runs on Love, Not Greed
Appeared in The Wall Street Journal, January 3, 2002

Lessons for The All Species Project from the Human Genome Project [via Internet Archive]
October 2001

Will We Still Turn Pages?
Time, vol. 155, no. 25, 2000, p. 90

Will Spiritual Robots Replace Humanity by 2100?
Seminar, April 2000, Stanford University

All Species Inventory
Whole Earth, no. 102, pp. 4, 2000

Really Useful Websites
Whole Earth, Winter 2000

True Films
Whole Earth, Winter 2000, p.58

Tools Are the Revolution
Whole Earth, 2000, no. 103, p. 4

The Rosetta Disk
Whole Earth, Winter, 2000, no. 103, pp. 10

Nerd Theology (pdf)
Technology in Society, 21, 1999, pp. 387-392

The Art of Burning Man
Whole Earth, no. 99, Winter 1999, p. 28

Pro-Choice: The Promise of Technology (pdf)
Organization & environment, vol. 12, no. 4, 1999, p. 428

Roaring Zeros
Wired, vol. 7, no. 9, September, 1999

The Computational Metaphor
Whole Earth, Winter, 1998, p. 5

One Huge Computer
with S. Reiss
Wired, vol. 6, no. 8, August 1998, p. 128

The Third Culture
Science, vol. 279, no. 5353, February 13, 1998, pp. 992-993

with Gary Wolf
Wired, vol. 5, no. 3, March 1997
* This article is used as a reference in the following U.S. patent

Bonfire of the Techies
Appeared in Time Magazine, August 25, 1997

New Rules for the New Economy
Wired, vol. 5, no. 9, September 1997

What are We Doing Online? (pdf)
(debate on the social consequences of online communications; includes excerpts from online chat sessions about Internet addiction)
with John Perry Barlow, Sven Birkerts, Mark Slouka
Harper’s Magazine, vol. 291, no. 1743, August 1995, pp. 35-47

The Electronic Hive: Embrace it
The Electronic Hive: Two Views (pdf)
with Sven Birkerts
Harper’s Magazine, vol. 288, no. 1728, May 1994, pp. 17-24

The Electric Paperless Prototype
Wired, vol. 2, no. 6, June 1994, p. 44, June

Cracking Wall Street
Wired, vol. 2, no. 7, July 1994, p. 92

Two Dollars Per Hour (pdf – includes info-graphic)
Wired, vol. 2, no. 10, October 1994

The Dragon Ate My Homework
with Howard Rheingold
Wired, vol.1, no. 3, 1993, p. 68

Unthinkable Futures (pdf)
with Brian Eno
Whole Earth Review, no. 79, Summer 1993, pp. 4-9

Apocalypse Juggernaut, Goodbye
Whole Earth Review, vol. 65, no. 46, 1990, p. 38

Perpetual Novelty: Selected Notes from the Second Artificial Life Conference (pdf)
Whole Earth Review, no. 67, Summer 1990, pp. 20-30

Selling the World: Mouseketeers to marketeers
Whole Earth Review, vol. 65, no. 46, 1990, p. 36

Sticking Your Head In Cyberspace (pdf)
Whole Earth Review , no. 63, Summer 1989, pp. 84-88

Toward Artificial Life (pdf)

with Chris Langton
Whole Earth Review , no. 58, Spring 1988, pp. 74-80

Information Takeover
Whole Earth Review: Signal, no. 57, Winter 1987, p. 2

The Bulletin Board Proletariat (pdf)
Whole Earth Review: Signal, no. 57, Winter 1987, p. 77

How To Ride A Bicycle Across A Continent (pdf)
Whole Earth Review, Spring 1987, pp. 128-137

The Consequences Of Treating A Fetus As A Human Being (pdf)
Whole Earth Review, Summer 1986, pp. 64-71

Digital Retouching; The End of Photography as Evidence of Anything (pdf)
with Stewart Brand and Jay Kinney
Whole Earth Review, July 1985, pp. 42-50

The Birth of a Network Nation (pdf)

New Age Journal, October 1984, p. 42

Information as a Communicable Disease (pdf)
CoEvolution Quarterly, Summer, 1984, pp. 98-103

Low-Rent Himalayas (pdf)
CoEvolution Quarterly, Fall 1981, pp. 109-115

Articles Available in Print

L’Anima delle Invenzioni (Italian, PDF)
la Repubblica, February 24, 2011

The Biology Of Business
Executive Excellence, Provo, Feb 2000

Stripping off the silicon
Management Today, 08/01/1999

MIND & MATTER The dissolving line between genes and machines
The Globe and Mail, 06/24/1995

The future is organic
The Guardian, 06/18/1995

Using The Gene In The Machine
The Age, 05/23/1995

Envisioning the Impossible
Wired, 1995, vol. 3, no. 2, pp. 94

Cypherpunks, e-Money and the Technologies of Disconnection
Whole Earth Review, Summer 1993, no. 79, pp. 40(20)

*This article is used as a reference in the following U.S. patents

Interviews by Kevin Kelly

Digital Natives: A conversation between virtual reality visionaries Jaron Lanier and Kevin Kelly
The Verge, Aug. 2014

Master Planner: Fred Brooks Shows How to Design Anything
Wired, 2010, vol. 18, no. 8

Hosts Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage Talk ‘MythBusters’
Commonwealth Club, Palo Alto, March 13, 2010

Seth Lloyd
Life, the Universe, and Everything
Wired, 2006, vol. 14, no. 3

Harry Dent Jr.
Happy Days
Wired, 1999, vol. 7, no. 9, pp. 156

George Gilder
Wealth Is the Right Thing to do
Wired, 1999, vol. 7, no. 9, pp. 156

Walter Wriston
The Don’t-Have-to-Work Force
Wired, 1999, vol. 7, no. 9, pp. 156

Martha Stewart
I Do Have a Brain
Wired, 1998, vol. 6, no. 8, pp. 114

Paul Krugman
New Economy? What New Economy?
Wired, 1998, vol. 6, no. 5, pp. 146

Peter Drucker
Wealth Is Overrated
Wired, 1998, vol. 6, no. 3, pp. 160

Tom Peters
Peters Provocations
Wired, 1997, vol. 5, no. 12, pp. 204

Judith Martin aka “Miss Manners”
Manners Matter
Wired, 1997, vol. 5, no. 11, pp. 224

John Hagel
It Takes a Village to Make a Mall
Wired, 1997, vol. 5, no. 8, pp. 84

George Lucas
Beyond Star Wars
with Paula Parisi
Wired, 1997, vol. 5, no. 2, pp. 160

Hazel Henderson
Win-Win World
Wired, 1997, vol. 5, no. 2, pp. 152

Michael Cox
Wealth If You Want It
Wired, 1996, vol. 4, no. 11, pp. 192

Watts Wacker
Yoda Is My Hero
Wired, 1996, vol. 4, no. 9, pp. 168

Alvin Toffler
Anticipatory Democracy
Wired, 1996, vol. 4, no. 7, pp. 45

Douglas Hofstadter
By Analogy
Wiired, 1995, vol. 3, no. 11, pp. 110

Vernor Vinge
Singular Visionary
Wired, 1995, vol. 3, no. 6, pp. 160

Brian Eno
Gossip is Philosophy

John Naisbitt
Mr. Big Trend
Wired, 1994, vol. 2, no. 10, pp. 114

Will Wright
The Mayor of Sim City
Wired, 1994, vol. 2, no. 1, pp. 100

Jaron Lanier
Beyond Science Fiction: The “Real” Worlds of Virtual Space
High performance, 1990, vol. 12, no. 4n48, pp. 34

Virtual Reality; an Interview with Jaron Lanier (pdf – missing pages 111 & 112)
Kevin Kelly, Adam Heilbrun, Barbara Stacks
Whole Earth Review Fall 1989, no. 64, pp. 108(12)

Why Cults Flourish. (interview of Gordon Melton)
with Jay Kinney
Whole Earth Review, Spr 1987, pp. 48(7)

Why We Left The Farm: an interview with eight long-time members of the Farm who left the renowned granddaddy of New Age communes
Whole Earth Review, Wint 1985, pp. 56(11)


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