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Bicycle Haiku

Bicycle Haiku

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Bicycle Haiku is a reproduction of a sketchbook I kept while I rode my bicycle across the US in 1979. It contains an ink sketch and a haiku for each day of the three month 5,000 mile trip. A typical scene would be like the day I passed through Francisco, Indiana. On a page full of cow faces staring up at me, the haiku goes: “Collective silence/Like I walked into the wrong room/Every horned head turned.” (This was Annie Dillard’s favorite.) I scanned the 151 images in the original book (which is the same size as this one) and printed this at a books-on-demand printer in 2001. This book will not be a best-seller. It’s a book of poetry, and you know what that means. It might appeal to anyone intrigued by pedaling across a continent, or loners fascinated by blue highways and other little-traveled roads, or sensitive souls really into haikus, or sketches. I can imagine a few odd ducks who collect self-published books that will be thrilled by this book. Personal friends of mine may be interested in this vanity publishing. For the rest — that is for most normal people — there is nothing of fashionable interest here.

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Bicycle Haiku 2001, PDF 156 pages, 83MB $1.88, Available from Lulu

Bicycle Haiku 2001, paperback 156 pages, 6"x9" $9.50, Available from Lulu ISBN-10: 0972392505 ISBN-13: 978-0972392501