Kevin Kelly

Kevin Kelly

New Rules for the New Economy

New Rules for the New Economy
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The thesis of New Rules for the New Economy is that we are now living in an economy based on ideas and communication rather than energy and atoms. Further, this “new” economy has distinct laws or rules so it behaves differently than the previous industrial economy. To do well in the new regime, we need to grasp the new dynamics of information. I reduce the emerging principles to 10 guidelines, and suggest a few strategies for businesses based on each principle.

Praise for New Rules for the New Economy

“I loved Kevin Kelly’s ‘New Rules’ article in Wired and prayed for a book-length version. here it is–and it’s a gem. Very short and very sweet, with provocation on every page. Chapter 10 by itself is worth the price of admission many times over.”
Tom Peters

“In this short, trenchant book, Kelly explains how the networked economy is turning old economics upside down.”

“A shock to the system… Kelly’s elegant description of the new economy may one day rank it alongside The Organization Man as the book that defined an economic era.”
The Wall Street Journal

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