Ask Cool Tools

For the past ten years Cool Tools has recommended one cool tool per weekday. Despite the thousands of tools reviewed, we still move slowly relative to all the options that are out there. But what if you need a specific tool recommendation now and don’t want to wait until we get around to it?

Ask Cool Tools! That’s the name of our reader-generated, crowd-sourced, community-based recommendation service. On the front page of the Cool Tools site you see a new column which will link you to the Ask Cool Tool section.


Here you’ll see the questions that folks have already asked, the answers to date, and the places where you can ask your questions. What kind of questions? Well, mostly along the lines of: I am trying to accomplish X, what’s the best tool? Or I need this kind of tool Y, what’s the best brand? Or, I have tool Z, are there any tips on using it? Or, simply, how do I accomplish X?

Answers are supplied by you and the community. It’s sort of like the comments section, but instead of being relegated to a published tool, anyone can start a request. More details are explained in the FAQ.

This is a beta version. There will be some rough edges. Suggestions for ways to improve are requested. Send them to us,

We think Ask Cool Tools is itself a pretty cool tool.

— KK