Over the long term, the future is decided by optimists

Kevin Kelly



Throughout my life I have drawn and painted and photographed. For 50 years I photographed the vanishing cultures of Asia. The result of that passion is an oversized book entitled Vanishing Asia that records images of uncommon scenes from 35 Asian countries, between Turkey and Japan. I compiled a couple of short videos from the same journeys as an “ode to otherness.” Vanishing Asia is a sequel to an earlier smaller version of my travels called Asia Grace. That book is out of print, but its old website provides a glimpse of my photography from those days.

For the past 12 months I gave myself the assignment to create one piece of art per day. I mostly draw on an iPad, but also sometimes make sculptures, collages, or other physical artifacts. I post everything I make on Instagram, Twitter, or these archives.

For a long while I posted my own reviews of the best documentaries I watched. Although I have not updated the site in a while, my previous picks of the best non-fiction films to watch are gathered on my site True Films. I also made a book of the best reviews. 

I love visual inspirations and have recommended the best visual reference books I have come across on a site called Wink. Here we review “books that belong on paper.”  Twenty years ago, I had the idea to ask people to draw a map of the internet as they used it. The internet was a new idea to most folks at the time. I collected the best maps at my Internet Mapping Project.

With a group of artists from Pixar and ILM, I co-created a huge graphic novel about angels and robots, astral travel, and the other realms of celestial beings connected by quantum intelligence. It’s awesome. The two volumes are printed as one, oversized book, The Silver Cord.