Over the long term, the future is decided by optimists

Kevin Kelly

Cool Tools

Cool Tools

Five years ago I started a free weekly newsletter, called Recomendo, which delivers 6 very short recommendations each week on Sunday morning. Over 53,000 subscribers get recommendations of great tools, fabulous apps, cool stuff we are watching or listening to, and amazing tips.  It has one of the highest open rates of any newsletter in the world.

About 20 years ago I launched the website Cool Tools, to review one tool daily. It’s still going strong with one fan review of a cool tool you didn’t know about every day.  Some years ago I collected the best tools into a large, oversized, 500-page Whole Earth Catalog-inspired book on paper.  The paper book is out of print (used copies can be found) but there is now a downloadable PDF version available.

Every week on the Cool Tools podcast I interview someone remarkable and ask them to share their favorite tools. Past episodes are available. We will be migrating to video soon.

TRY is a YouTube channel about how I make complicated projects, such as a toy bridge, or a flower press, or an ecosphere.