Kevin Kelly

Kevin Kelly

Loosely Joined Thoughts

While at the Web 2.0 conference I was musing aloud on ways in which our web culture encourages new attitudes toward social-isms. We are constructing Socialism 2.0, I joked. Joshua Ross of O’Reilly media filmed the conversation, which he has edited, and uploaded.  Other topics covered in this rambling encounter: the thin line between the wisdom of the hive mind and stupidity of the mob; the difference defaults make; what technology wants; how technological evolution differs from biological evolution, and living in an always-on society.

(One correction: I said there were more people making arrowheads now than in Indian days, but what I meant to say, was that more arrowheads were made now than back then. Contemporary flint knappers churn out many more arrowheads than they  use, or than any hunter would ever use.)

Note: Lots of disjointed thoughts loosely joined.


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