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Kevin Kelly

Tour of Asia Grace

Xeni Jardin, one the the Boing Boing quartet, visited me at my studio and filmed me giving her a tour of my Asia Grace book. I talk a bit about how I made the book and randomly dip into it to tell about some of the images. The audio level starts a little low, but gets better. She posted the edited, low-rent interview on Boing Boing. 

For fans of Asia Grace, I’ve re-designed the Asia Grace website, and have begun posting *new* images of Asia, beyond the 400 or so that appear in the book. Some of the photos are from my previous nomadic life, and some are from recent trips.  The usual process prevails. I’ll add a very minimal caption, and I encourage others who know as much or more to post their own stories.

The image caught in the video below is from Ladakh, the Tibetan area run by India. I was lucky to visit it the first year it was open to travelers in the mid 1970s. To get a quick overview of the book, watch here:


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