If Your Website Were a Person

Maybe this is a trend, maybe this is a cool tool, maybe this is silly. It is Typealyzer, a website that can analyze the text of another website (which you identify) and gives you the personality of the target site in Myers-Briggs notation (MBTI).  You know, the four letter extensions of inner directed/outer directed psychological traits popular with personality tests.

For instance, I went to the Typealyzer and entered the url for the blog of my book-in-progress, The Technium. It’s where I post long bookish philosophical musings on the meaning of technology. The Typealyzer came back with this:

Picture 131

The personality of Cool Tools is noticeably different:

Picture 132

What I had not realized is that there are groups, forums and websites dedicated to each of the 16 Myers-Briggs personality categories. A master list is here. For instance readers of the Technium (and probably its author!) should be reading INTP.org.


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