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Lean Self-Publishing Platform

This startup from Vancouver offers an interesting front to back publishing platform. Named Leanpub, it has something to offer writers, publishers, self-publishers and readers. I don’t know much about it, but we may have to try it. It seems especially useful for bloggers turning their posts in to books and for technical writers on fast-changing subjects. Let me know if you have tried it.

Posted by Kevin Kelly on February 12, 2013 at 3:55 pm | comments

  • Richard G Mills

    I love my Big Green Egg – crazy price but terrific product – I can sear at 800 degrees f or I can do low and slow at 200 degrees overnight. It starts in 20 mins and closing it up tight when done conserves a remarkable amount of charcoal

  • “What’s the best tool for grill cleaning and maintenance?”
    I’ve tried many different brushes, sponges, sprays, etc.  and the one thing that works best for cleaning my grills (I have several) is a Brillo pad and some elbow grease. I always brush the grates with a wire brush before and after grilling. This gets rid of the big charred chunks but still leaves residue on the grates. At least every three – four times I use the grill I take the grate inside and give it a good scrubbing with a Brillo pad.

    This is especially important if you have a gas “infrared” grill. You really need to clean the perforated steel sheets often. If you don’t, then the holes clog up and the grill loses efficiency. A wire brush might work sometimes but a Brillo pad really does the job.

    • Brad

      This is a good suggestion, as I read a news article recently saying that a surprising number of people ingest wire brush bristles when eating grilled food, which requires a visit to the emergency room and lots of serious medical complications. Apparently bristles tend to fall off during cleaning and get stuck to the surface of the grill (along instead of crosswise to the grid so you can’t easily see them), then stick to the bottom of meat when grilling. After reading that I decided not to use a wire brush or any other wire-based cleaner on my grill anymore.