The Technium

Jobs of the Future

Possible jobs or occupations of the future:

Performs puppet shows for the dying

Cooks frozen dinners for 12 families

Writes hand lettered paper thank you notes for a fee

Physical trainer for video game champs

Teaches magic a public high school

Designs custom layout of apps on phones

Personal live-commentary at family reunions

Life coach skills educator

Crypto broker

Recent graduate job agent

Modern elder educator

Trans guidance counselor

Quantum computer repair person

Tik Tok choreographer

Influencer lawyer

Psychedelic personal trainer

Personal scanner to optimize your digital life

AI-Art promptor

Nap coach

Gender reveal party planner

AR sculptor

Copy writer for ads in dreams

Self driving car hot rodding

Crypto recovery specialist

AI shrink and psychologist

Travel partner matchmaker

Urban forager chef

Digital historian overlays digital past in AR

Retirement destination advisor

Robot refurbisher

Hydroponics farmer

Personal soundtrack conductor

AI assistant salesperson

Debris and wastestream expert

Wind turbine repair technician

Tutoring your AI

Drone manager

VR tour guide

Biometric consultant

Personal data broker

Truck rider

Personal memory trainer


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