Street Use

One in Half a Million

There are about half a million bicycles in Amsterdam. While many are used by the inhabitants of this Dutch city, most of those half million bikes are parked, or chained, along the fences, poles, and lamp posts of the city. This gave me a chance to inspect them for modifications and street use mojo. I found a few that had taken your basic black single speed standard Amsterdam issue bike and altered the pattern with either a homemade paint job to make it easy to find, or else added a homemade basket to carry stuff.

tiger stripe bike

tiger bike

Nice paint job! You can’t miss this one in the crowd.

Pink seat
A kid’s front seat made of wood and painted pink.

yellow back carriage
For carrying heavy loads and packages, how about a welded platform painted yellow?

Posted on July 12, 2006 at 3:53 am | comments

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