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Russian Match Box Camera

Don’t know much about this other than the tiny hint posted on a English/Russian blog says:

“One Russian blogger made a camera from the two matchboxes and a tin beer can. Somebody submitted us his camera and photos he made in St. Petersburg.”

Two shots of the camera itself, and one photograph made by the camera.




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Snack Baggie Mobile Protection

Some mobile devices are not as waterproof as others. Alexander Rose has lost several Treos to mild moisture penetration — even from sweat in a pocket, or rain. His solution is a zip lock bag. It keeps water out and let’s sound and light in, so he can speak and hear normally through the plastic and punch in the keys. Here is what Rose says: “I am on my 3rd Treo in a little over a year (good thing I got replacement insurance!). It turns out they are ridiculously sensitive to water. Even hi humidity or sweat has made mine blank out. So now whenever there is risk of it getting wet (like rain) I put it in a snack sized ziplock. You can use all the features, talk and hear through it just fine. There are also some high end cases by Otterbox but I like the ziplock solution as its light, collapsable, and just water tight enough.”


It does look pretty dorky. Anyone else have the same problem, or different solution?

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