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650 Million Years in 1.2 Minutes

This ultra time-lapse simulation of tectonic drift shows how dynamic our home planet it. The clip portrays the most recent 400 million-year geological history of the continents of Earth, and a prediction of its next 250 million years, all in 70 seconds. I love the way New York comes crashing into London in the far future. (Thanks, Stewart Brand) UPDATE: My mistake. I got lost. In 250 million years NYC crashes into West Africa, not London. Much more interesting!

Earth In 1Min20

  • TheFred

    New York crashing into London? Looks more like London becomes the North Pole and New York crashes into southern Africa to me…


  • Mandi

    Yeah, London moves north and doesn’t crash into anything… Maybe you just didn’t notice how it rotates? New York hits Africa.

  • Jerry

    Yep, NYC is hitting Western or SW Africa, who the hell thought that was London? An American I’m guessing ;-)

  • vanderleun

    Heck, Western & SW Africa is hitting the streets of NYC daily right now. Just take a walk on the west side. Look for the card tables and the carved masks.

  • Will

    Wee bit racist, are we, Jerry?

  • redsox1

    How old will I be at this transformation?

  • Jerry

    Will – it’s been noted on this side of the Atlantic that Americans aren’t, let’s say, the best people with a map. Genuine observation isn’t racism is it? Besides, we forgave you everything when you elected Obama. :)

  • Andrew

    Wonder what Rep. Joe Barton would have to say about all this…

  • Ian

    Also, “American” is not technically a race…

  • Marcus

    Will – Do you mean that Jerry is Xenophobic? Being an American does not imply belonging to a specific race.

    Jerry – 37% of Americans cannot locate America on a map? 20% of Americans cannot locate America on a map? 6% of Americans cannot locate America on a map? These are all recent claims. All of them cannot be correct. There seems to be some lack of intellectual rigor when people blindly believe these results. Either way, it is obvious that the U.S. needs some further geographical education. Nevertheless, some European countries haven’t performed much better on geography tests.

    The average IQ of the smartest country, South Korea, is a mere 106, while the US averages 98. People around 100 IQ are, from my observations, too stupid to grasp the complexities of this world (currently, given how IQ scores work). The bottom line is that there are stupid people everywhere, including but not limited to the US, which is the most worrisome fact.

    And yes, I am a U.S. citizen.

  • HFB

    This is hard to believe.
    Notice that chain of islands at the beginning, and how lost and intermixed they get in process.

    Somehow from evidence today, its clear a chain like that existed?

  • Hugo

    I always find interesting that all the animations regarding how continents appeared and were formed always show it like they appear as islands, or rather masses of earth floating in water.
    Try again and do that same animation without the water and see if it’s plausible to happen!

    Continents do not float, their are part of the earth’s core….How about continents that go up and down, that is, get higher or lower because of the magma moving underneath!?

    Isn’t that more plausible?

  • PBPraha

    Nicely done but based on bad science.

    See here for how it really will look :-

    Cheers for an interesting site :)

  • Stefani

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  • akshat

    pretty surprised that the greens(forests are still there 250 million years into the future.