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Astounding Animated Wall Mural

Eat your heart out, Pixar!

Watch this amazing animation created by an artist photographing a very long series of his murals.  The artist’s name is Blu. He is an Italian graffiti artist, though it appears this series was painted in Brazil.

It’s a big deal to paint a mural. There’s a lot of paint to spread around. It’s a superhuman feat to paint thousands of them needed for this not-insignificant animation. Even more remarkable is the wonderful whimsy and creativity displayed by the final work.

My life is enriched and my spirits lifted when someone spends such a huge amount of time to complete such a non-comerical work — just for the pure beauty of it. 

Thank you, Blu.

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo

To give you some sense of what is involved in painting murals — just one!– at this scale, here is Blu at work.


A gallery of his static murals can be found here:

Blu Street Paintings 05

(Thanks Michael)


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