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Found Quotes, 2

“With 300 million people in America, you can fail to impress 299 million of them and still go platinum.” — Kareem Abdul Jabbar TED 2007

“If you want to make the right decision for the future, fear is not a very good consultant.” — Markus Dohle

“In many ways, it’s the things that are not there that we are most proud of.” — Jonathan Ive, iPad designer, on all the features that are missing from the iPad.

“Women’s friendships are face to face: They talk, cry together, share secrets. Men’s friendships are side by side: We play golf. We go to football games.” — Jeffrey Zaslow

“Always provide correction in private and praise in public.” — Scott Delinger

“When I was hacking [in my 20s], I’d be working away and think an hour had passed; then I’d look up, and it had been four hours. Now when I think an hour has gone by, I look up and it’s an hour.” — Andy Hertzfeld

“Money is like gasoline during a road trip. You don’t want to run out of gas on your trip, but you’re not doing a tour of gas stations. You have to pay attention to money, but it shouldn’t be about the money.” Tim O’Reilly

“If your strategy in life is to avoid those activities and requirements that you don’t enjoy, you will have a difficult time transcending any definition of mediocrity. That’s not a criticism – merely an observation.” — Mike Rowe, in advice to a Boy Scout

“People can spend real money to purchase in-game items [in Farmville]. Clearly, even people who play Farmville want to avoid playing Farmville.”
A.J. Patrick Liszkiewicz

“A well-trained man knows how to answer questions; an educated man knows what questions are worth asking.”
E. Digby Baltzell (1955)


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