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How to Use Artificial Intelligence

About a year ago I started writing a piece on AI for Wired. I turned it in last spring, and they just published it this month. They also cut it in half. Still, the piece retains my essential points about AI:

1) We should really call it Artificial Smartness, because we don’t want it conscious.

2) It will be a cloud service; you’ll buy as much IQ as you need on demand.

3) There will only be 2-3 major AI providers since AI will follow network effects.

I also talk about the 3 breakthroughs that make AI finally happen now.

You can read more at Wired.

The decorative images Wired used to heavily illustrate the article are meaningless — I’m guessing they are supposed to be Brain Power as in Flower Power, but I don’t really know.

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  • Jericho Calbex

    Regarding point #1, a term I like to use is one borrowed from the Mass Effect (Sci-Fi series) universe Virtual Intelligence (VI). Virtual Intelligence is essentially a limited form of Artificial Intelligence without consciousness and with a more limited ability to alter itself.

  • AnaRiley

    Ya I agree that artificial inteligence isn’t just what we need badly…atleast we are ok with our concious and unconcious powers we didn’t really digging yet.

  • patkane

    We want to you post the full piece here, Kevin!

  • patkane

    Also: I was looking for your reply to Robert Gordon’s piece – did you ever write it?

  • Lilly

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  • habib

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